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E Safety Day for All

Posted on Tuesday 3 May 2016 by Webmaster

E-Safety always has a big profile in school- keeping our pupils safe is our priority!

Dan Holbrook, from Lincolnshire Safeguarding Team, spent the day with pupils, staff and parents to share key messages about keeping ourselves self on the internet. 
The main messages are.....
Don't be afraid of it!
Embrace it!
Keep yourself safe!

Pupils in Reception were taught about keeping safe when playing online games and to think and tell an adult if there is a problem. This was through a story and a song that is very catchy! 
KS1 pupils were taught not to trust who people say they are online, as they can sometimes hide behind masks. They were taught how to answer questions they might be asked online and to always keep their personal information a secret. 
KS2 pupils watched the CEOP video about how easy it is to invite others into our personal world through social media and pupils had the opportunity to ask some very poignant questions.
Thank you to those parents who came along to the question and answer session after school too- I know dan did his very best to reassure you as well as update you to the ever changing on-line world.